The American Advertising Federation of Northern Illinois presented its 2019 American Advertising Awards, the ADDYs, for advertising creative excellence Friday night, March 1st at the Prairie Street Brewhouse. The theme for this annual awards presentation was “Havana Nights,” and was attended by more than 120 individuals of the local advertising and media businesses and their clients.

Of the 83 entries received by the AAF Northern Illinois, 12 gold, 15 silver, and 16 bronze ADDY Awards were presented. Judging took place on Saturday, February 9th. Entries were judged based on creativity, originality and creative strategy. Gold ADDY winners will advance to the District 6 ADDY competition.

Chartwell Agency garnered the Best of Show award for their “Chartwell Agency Rebranding” campaign.

Judges also awarded Judge’s Choice Awards to GrahamSpencer for their “RRATFR 2018 Campaign” done for Rock River Anything That Floats Race, and Digital Hive Mind for their “J.L. Clark Brochure,” created for J.L. Clark.

Following is a complete list of all the 2019 AAF Northern Illinois ADDY Awards winners:

Sales Promotion > 01 – Product or Service Sales Promotion > 01A – Catalog

Bronze ADDY Award, Quantum Roll Sheeters Brochure, Digital Hive Mind, Inc., Quantum Roll Sheeters

Gold ADDY Award, J.L. Clark Brochure, Digital Hive Mind, Inc., J.L. Clark Inc.

Sales Promotion > 03 – Point of Purchase > 03A – Counter Top

Bronze ADDY Award, Danfoss Literature Display, Meridian, Danfoss

Collateral Material > 05 – Printed Annual Report

Bronze ADDY Award, Remedies 2018 Annual Report, Digital Hive Mind, Inc., Remedies Renewing Lives

Collateral Material > 07 – Brochure > 07A – Single Unit

Bronze ADDY Award, CAT Power Systems Brochure, Cain & Company, Caterpillar

Bronze ADDY Award, Travel Brochure, Rockford University, Rockford University

Bronze ADDY Award, Rockford University View Book, Rockford University, Rockford University

Silver ADDY Award, Field Rail Line Card, V2 Marketing Communications, Field Fastener

Silver ADDY Award, Plote Construction Brochure, GrahamSpencer, Plote Construction

Silver ADDY Award, Rockford Christian Schools Viewbook, Chartwell Agency, Rockford Christian Schools

Silver ADDY Award, SupplyCore Capabilities, SupplyCore Inc., SupplyCore Inc.

Direct Marketing > 10 – Direct Mail > 10C – 3D / Mixed – Single

Bronze ADDY Award, NCP – You’re Running Out of Time, M45 Marketing Services, Nursing Consulting Partners

Advertising Industry Self-Promotion (Sales & Marketing) > Collateral > 14 – Brand Elements

Gold ADDY Award, Chartwell Agency Rebranding, Chartwell Agency, Chartwell Agency

Advertising Industry Self-Promotion (Sales & Marketing) > Collateral > 16 – Special Event Materials (printed or digital)

Silver ADDY Award, Chartwell Agency SHSMD Lumpy, Chartwell Agency, Chartwell Agency

Ambient Media > 25 – Installations > 25A – Single Installation

Silver ADDY Award, International Paper Exhibit/Neon A, Colorwave Graphics, LLC, International Paper

Silver ADDY Award, SupplyCore Trade Show Exhibit, SupplyCore Inc., SupplyCore Inc.

Out-of-Home > 29 – Mass Transit/Airlines > 29B – Exterior – Single

Gold ADDY Award, Flying Pig Food Truck, Colorwave Graphics, LLC, Flying Pig

Out-of-Home > 30 – Site > 30A – Interior – Single

Gold ADDY Award, Collins Aerospace North Lobby, Colorwave Graphics, LLC, Collins Aerospace

Out-of-Home > 30 – Site > 30B – Large Venue – Single

Bronze ADDY Award, Motorized Retractable Banner System, Colorwave Graphics, LLC, The University of Alabama

Websites > 37 – Websites > 37A – Consumer

Bronze ADDY Award, Gilvydis Vein Clinic Website, Chartwell Agency, Gilvydis Vein Clinic

Silver ADDY Award, Remedies Renewing Lives Website, Digital Hive Mind, Inc., Remedies Renewing Lives

Silver ADDY Award, BRCC Website, Chartwell Agency, Baton Rouge Cardiology Center

Silver ADDY Award, Prairie Street Brewing Co. Website, GrahamSpencer, Prairie Street Brewing Co.

Websites > 37 – Websites > 37B – B-to-B

Bronze ADDY Award, City of Rockford, IL Website, GrahamSpencer, City of Rockford, IL

Social Media > 38 – Social Media > 38A – Single Execution

Bronze ADDY Award, Day of Giving 2018, Rockford University, Rockford University

Apps > 39 – Apps, Games, and Virtual Reality > 39A – Mobile App

Gold ADDY Award, Burpee Museum Augmented Reality App, Trekk, Burpee Museum of Natural History

Radio Advertising > 49 – Radio Advertising – Regional/National > 49C – Radio-National Campaign

Bronze ADDY Award, Geico- Unique ways to save money, Townsquare Media Rockford, Geico Insurance company

Television Advertising > 51 – Television Advertising – Local (One DMA) > 51B – Single Spot :30 seconds

Bronze ADDY Award, RPL ican, Vixen Productions, Rockford Public Library

Television Advertising > 51 – Television Advertising – Local (One DMA) > 51C – Single Spot :60 seconds or more

Silver ADDY Award, Merry Go Round, SwedishAmerican, SwedishAmerican

Silver ADDY Award, Consider It A Sign, SwedishAmerican, SwedishAmerican

Television Advertising > 52 – Television Advertising – Regional/National > 52A – Single Spot – Up to 2:00

Bronze ADDY Award, Conscience, Insurance King, Insurance King

Online Film, Video, & Sound > 55 – Internet Commercial > 55A – Single Spot – Any Length

Silver ADDY Award, RMTD – Make An Impact, GrahamSpencer, RMTD

Online Film, Video, & Sound > 56 – Podcast > 56B – Series

Bronze ADDY Award, What Works Podcast, Thinker Ventures, Thinker Ventures

Branded Content & Entertainment > 60 – Branded Content & Entertainment – Non-Broadcast

Silver ADDY Award, New Hire Welcome Video, UPS, UPS

Integrated Campaigns > 72 – Integrated Advertising Campaigns > 72A – B-to-B Campaign-Local

Gold ADDY Award, Chicago Connectory Connexion IoT, GrahamSpencer, Chicago Connectory

Integrated Campaigns > 72 – Integrated Advertising Campaigns > 72B – B-to-B Campaign-National

Gold ADDY Award, RAEDC Chicago Outreach Campaign, GrahamSpencer, Rockford Area Economic Development Council

Integrated Campaigns > 72 – Integrated Advertising Campaigns > 72C – Consumer Campaign-Local

Bronze ADDY Award, RSO Bach & Haydn Campaign, V2 Marketing Communications, Rockford Symphony Orchestra

Gold ADDY Award, OrthoIllinois Hand Campaign, V2 Marketing Communications, OrthoIllinois

Gold ADDY Award, Distributor Council Invitation Box, V2 Marketing Communications, Chemtool Inc.

Gold ADDY Award, RRATFR 2018 Campaign, GrahamSpencer, Rock River Anything That Floats Race

Integrated Campaigns > 73 – Integrated Brand Identity Campaign – Local or Regional/National

Gold ADDY Award, OnRamp Branding & Website, Chartwell Agency, RAMP Center for Independent Living

Integrated Campaigns > 74 – Integrated Branded Content Campaign – Local or Regional/National

Silver ADDY Award, The Hirewell Perspective, ContentRS, Hirewell

Digital Creative Technology > 94 – Augmented Reality

Gold ADDY Award, Burpee Museum Augmented Reality App, Trekk, Burpee Museum of Natural History