2020 American Advertising Award Winners

Best Of Show

Greenlee Tools, Inc

Greenlee Conduit Sign

Training Specialist: Brian Kester | Marketing Manager: Mike Farris | Design Engineer: Jay Hagan | Graphics Manager: Debbie Kraft | Facilities Manager: James Bennett

Judge’s Choice


The Makers

Director, Corporate Communications and Strategic Marketing: Brian Reck | Manager, Advertising & Digital Content: Robin Ballard | Editor: Brian Clark

PCI Pharma Services

Global Sales Meeting Lobster

Marketing Graphic Designer: Sarah Cortez


VKC/Bears Training Camp Campaign

Gold Winners

Chartwell Agency
-Chartwell Agency Trade Show Booth

Digital Hive Mind
-PCI Trade Show
-Transform Rockford Website

Graham Spencer
-VKC/Bears Training Camp Campaign
-Golden Blaze Campaign
-Bathroom Mirror Cling Campaign

Greenlee Tools, Inc.
-Greenlee Conduit Sign

Hayes Marketing
-United Way Move the Middle Now

-The Makers

Silver Winners

Chartwell Agency
-Beloit Health System Annual Report

Digital Hive Mind
-2019 Remedies Annual Report

Erik Dingus
-Boy Scout Canyon Camp Promo Video

Hayes Marketing
-United Way Move the Middle Campaign

-Penguin Point Packaging

-2019 Olympic Table Tennis Trials
-Dawn Equipment Brand Identity
-Ghosts of Hometown Holiday Past
-Golden Blaze Brand Identity
-JR Sullivan’s Hometown Holiday
-RACV CrE81V Video

Greenlee Tools, Inc. 
-Building America – Manufacturing

PCI Pharma Services
-Global Sales Meeting Lobster

Rockford University
-Annual Fund Pennant Direct Mail 2

V2 Marketing
CNADM Summer Poster

Bronze Winners

Ad Vice Marketing
-A Season That Sparkles

Bonza Media, Inc.
-Don’t Be A Dummy
-Winslow Lunch Break

Chartwell Agency
-Imperien Brochure
-Rockford Promise Website/Collateral

Digital Hive Mind
-The Ultimate Burger

-Giovanni’s Restaurants Website
-RACVB Jurassic Park Campaign
-Underground Agriculture Brand Identity

Greenlee Tools, Inc.
-G1 Versi-Tugger Brochure
-Greenlee Hero Ads
-Reel-X Brochure

Heinzeroth Marketing Group
-Your Whole Home Drinks
-Your Whole Home Drinks Brochure

-ET High School Interactive Signage

Rockford University
-Catalyst Magazine – Fall 2019

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